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Foundations & Charities

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We provide a comprehensive bespoke investment service to small and mid-sized charities and foundations ranging from one-off consulting projects to acting as the charity’s outsourced investment office. We intentionally restrict the number of charities we work with to ensure a high quality service tailored to each client. 

We spend time getting to understand the charity’s needs in order to find the most appropriate solution based on its size, resources and strategy.


We have undertaken the following assignments for US and UK based charities and foundations:

  • Helping Foundations and Charities to comply with Investment related legislation and guidance * 
  • Advising UK Charities on their investment strategy in light of changes in their funding structure *
  • Helping trustees draft Investment Policy Statement and Socially Responsible Investment policy *
  • Reviewing and benchmarking Charities and Foundations' investment portfolios against peer group including due diligence on existing investments *

We are aware that Charities and Foundations are cost conscious and we therefore seek the most appropriate investment strategy for each client based on the level of assets as well as trustees’ time availability, investment experience and knowledge. 

We make sure that we present investment recommendations in plain language and work with trustees to help them make informed decisions in relation to their investment portfolios.


* Some of the services we provide to Foundations and Charities are not considered regulated activities by the FCA but may lead to regulated investment advice.