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Investment Philosophy

Real-Return Focus

We aim to generate inflation-beating returns over the long-term, the rate of which will be consistent with clients' risk/return preferences.


Investment Discipline

We manage prudent, well diversified, multi-asset class investment portfolios. We actively manage portfolios, rebalancing regularly and making asset allocation decisions to exploit market inefficiencies when significant opportunities arise.

Research-Driven Approach

Our research process is based on an extensive analysis of macroeconomics, social and geopolitical developments, asset class risk/return profiles as well as market related factors such as momentum, liquidity and investor sentiment. 


Cost Minimisation

We are very aware of the compounding impact of fees and charges on client’s portfolios and ensure that the total level of charges is competitive. We generally invest in a mix of low-cost investment funds such as ETFs and tracker funds and carefully selected actively managed funds. 

Continuous Learning

 One of our fundamental beliefs is that you can always learn and improve as an investor, therefore we continuously refine our investment process and our learning approach.