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Private Clients

We provide a high quality investment management service for private clients with minimum portfolio sizes of approximately £500,000. We limit the number of clients we act for so that we can provide the level of service we feel is appropriate and that we would expect to receive ourselves as professional investors.

The process of establishing an investment portfolio is as follows:

Initial Consultation 

We conduct as many meetings as are necessary to explain the nature of our service, determine your financial circumstances and objectives, discuss any investment preferences and explore the subject of risk and volatility in a clear and uncomplicated manner.


We finalise the investment strategy based on the agreed inflation related investment objective, taking into account any other portfolio requirements. We then arrange for transfer of cash and/or assets to our independent third-party custodian and begin construction of the proposed portfolio.

Future Management & Reporting

Portfolios are managed in line with the agreed investment strategy. Clients have direct access to the Executive Directors of Goldlake Capital at all times to discuss investment issues.

Our reporting process keeps clients up to date with portfolio progress and incorporates the following:

  • Website access to portfolio valuations, updated on a daily basis
  • Formal valuation reports issued on a quarterly basis with a comprehensive market overview
  • Annual tax reports incorporating consolidated income and capital gains
  • Portfolio Review meetings are conducted with clients based on a frequency agreed at the outset. At these meetings, we provide a comprehensive review of portfolio performance and volatility, investment strategy and market outlook.  We also review personal circumstances to determine whether there should be any changes in risk profile and objectives

To provide consistency and efficiency in the management of your overall financial circumstances, we will work with your other advisers (Accountants, Solicitors, Financial Advisers) as appropriate. 

Through the above consultation process, we seek to make the initial and ongoing portfolio management process a more engaging and hopefully enjoyable experience for all our clients.